Salaries and ePAR

If salaries are to be paid from the project, an Electronic Payroll Action Request (ePAR) must be prepared. This must be done at the department level. Your department office specialist can assist you. However, if you need additional assistance, the Office Secretary, would be happy to provide support; she can be reached at  extension 7537.

The ePAR must be prepared online, using the program designated by WSU.

As the PI, you are required to attend ePAR training. This training is available through Training Tracker.
If Extra Compensation is paid from your award, you must have an Extra Compensation Form completed and on file. This tells an auditor that extra compensation (summer salary and supplemental pay) has been approved in advance by both the sponsor and WSU.

Compensation is the most frequent area of disallowances imposed by auditors. OSP takes particular care to ensure that all compensation is in accordance with (1) OMB Circular A-21; and (2) WSU Policy.

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