The Utah Procurement Code (Title 63A) and WSU’s policies and procedures (5-25) apply to all monies expended by the university, whether state appropriated, Federally appropriated, or received in the form of a gift, grant or contract.

WSU’s Purchasing Department is a great resource to aid you in the procurement process. Their knowledgeable staff can save you a significant amount of time and money when you need to procure goods or services. Please feel free to contact them at x6014, or you can find more information on their webpage: http://departments.weber.edu/purchasing/.

The following is a quick overview of the WSU goods or services procurement process. Essentially, there are three ways to procure goods or services:

  1. Petty Cash (for goods or services less than $100)
  2. P-card ($1,500 per transaction excluding services)
  3. Requisition Process anything that cannot be done using Petty Cash or the P-card.

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