General Responsibilities

In general, it is your responsibility as your project’s Principal Investigator to read and become familiar with the agreement/contractual requirements of the project, and to:

  • Conduct the project according to the approved statement of work or the terms and special conditions published in the award agreement.
  • Notify OSP of any proposed changes in the scope of the project, change or absence of PI, changes in budget and/or period of performance, etc.
  • Supervise expenditures in conformity with the budget approved by the sponsor.
  • Initiate the necessary documents/forms for travel, purchasing, employment, contracted services, extra compensation, etc., in conformity with established University business policies and procedures.
  • Charge only expenditures that meet sponsor's guidelines and budget.
  • Assure that cost-sharing or matching commitments made for the project are fulfilled and reported to OSP in a timely manner.
  • Provide care and maintenance of property procured with project funds, in accordance with the sponsor's and/or university’s guidelines.
  • Write and submit progress reports as stipulated by the sponsor in the award agreement.
  • Review the financial status and closely monitor the project expenditures.
  • Complete the final technical report and submit it within the timeframe and in the format specified by the sponsor. Failure to submit timely technical reports can penalize the institution as a whole by possibly making Weber State University ineligible to receive new awards, in addition to causing embarrassment to the university.

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