Forms For Your File

The following contract-related forms are housed in OSP. Please contact your Sponsored Project Administrator if you need any assistance completing the necessary forms:

  1. Bucksheet (prepared by OSP), transmitted to Accounting for project expenses.
  2. Bucksheet (prepared by OSP) for matching funds (if your project has a match requirement).
  3. Account Request Form (prepared by OSP), transmitted to Accounting.
  4. Drug-Free Workplace Form (you agree that you understand WSU is a drug-free workplace).
  5. Matching Funds (Cost-Share) Approval Form. This identifies the dollars from each source, and signatures of approval from all parties (if match is required).
  6. Funds Transfer Forms (moving budget from an account to the Match Account, if match is required).
  7. Vacation Acknowledgement Form documenting your understanding that vacation accrued under a contract cannot carry forward.
  8. ePAR(s). These electronic forms indicate the salary dedicated as match (again, it does not change the source of the salary); or indicate the compensation to be paid from the grant to the individual working on the project.
  9. Extra Compensation Form (if supplemental or summer pay is involved).
  10. In-Kind Contribution – Volunteer Services Form. This helps to document any volunteered hours contributed to your project.
  11. In-Kind Contribution – Goods Form. This form helps document any goods donated to your project. Make sure to attach copies of any applicable receipts to this form.
  12. PI Handbook Acknowledgment Form documents your receipt of the PI Handbook with accompanying instructions.
  13. Supplemental Pay Time Sheet provides after the fact documentation for supplemental pay.

At the end of a project, any unobligated funds remaining in the sponsor’s account, or the University’s match fund, will be returned to their contributor, unless specific written prior approval to use the funds for other costs is requested and is approved by the sponsor and/or the Associate Provost’s office.

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