Earned Annual Leave in a Contract


If part of your regular salary is paid by an externally funded award, that portion of your earned annual leave must be used during your program year.

The Federal government views vacation as a time for rest and relaxation, a time to recharge your batteries and come back to work refreshed. Therefore, there is not extra cash in the award to pay for unused time.

For example, suppose you are employed 100% on a contract, and you have 3 weeks vacation that you do not use. The government has paid for 12 months of your time, with your vacation built into the equation. The university cannot go back to the government and ask for more money to cover the 3 weeks of salary, because the dollar figure is established for the contract.

You cannot use vacation for the next year during the current year. In other words, you cannot “borrow” vacation time ahead of schedule.

Supplemental pay and summer pay do not provide for accrual of vacation time. You should discuss this with your supervisor at the beginning of a contract period. Your Sponsored Project Administrator can help.

Vacation time rules are consistently applied to every contract no matter the source of funds (Federal, State, private, etc.).

SUMMARY: Vacation earned under contract does not carry forward, but must be used during the program period. You cannot use vacation time during a current year that is planned to be accrued during the coming year.

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