Contract File

You have an official contract file housed in OSP. This file contains the original contract, agreement, or other award documentation, instructions provided to WSU Accounting as to how to set up the account (budget categories, amounts, etc.), correspondence, copies of ePAR's, original copies of reports, and all other official documentation concerning the contract.

During an audit, this file is presented as official evidence of all contractual activity. An audit can occur several years after you have completed your project. Ideally, OSP would like to contain an audit to our office without the need of your involvement, especially if the project was completed several years prior to the audit.

In order to safeguard the University and the project, the contract file must be as complete as possible. Therefore, during the course of the performance period, OSP works diligently to maintain a high level of documentation.

Funding agencies typically know to send official documents to OSP. However, from time to time, some agencies may send documents directly to the PI.

If you receive a contract, correspondence, invoice, etc., please notify the Sponsored Project Administrator immediately. This will ensure original documents are being kept in the official contract file housed in OSP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The State of Utah Board of Regents has authorized designated individuals at WSU to sign contracts that legally obligate the University, to assure certain compliance issues are being met. In order for documents not to be signed accidentally, OSP will ensure proper signatures are in place.

Furthermore, PPM 5-4a outlines the signature authority as imposed by the Board of Regents and the WSU Board of Trustees.

Do not sign anything unless you are authorized, and required by University policy to do so.

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