Capital Purchases

For accounting purposes, the Federal government considers purchases over $5,000 as capital investment, and purchases less than $5,000 as supplies. At the same time, WSU Policies and Procedures define capital equipment to be anything over $1,500.  Internally, equipment over $1,500 must be tracked and tagged through the university's inventory system.

Equipment under $1,500 is considered non-capital equipment and should be tracked by the PI.

Purchases less than $1,500 should be made by your Office Specialist, on the department P-Card. At the end of the month, when the P-Card statement is printed, your Office Specialist prepares a reallocation form showing all project expenditures, attaches copies of the receipts, and then forwards the form to OSP for processing. As the PI, you should sign each receipt, ensuring that the expenditure was made for your project.

OSP will make sure expenditures are in accordance with OMB Circular A-21 and the project budget. Accounting Services will examine the document to ensure funds are available to cover the expenditure, and then enter the expense against the account.

If you need assistance with the P-Card reallocation, or if your Office Specialist needs training to understand the process, please contact OSP. The OSP Office Specialist, at extension 7537, has the form and would be pleased to provide assistance with the reallocation process.

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