Ultimate responsibility for monitoring expenditures rests with the PI's. OSP will provide assistance.

Prior President, Ann Millner, states in a letter to the campus: “Protecting University Resources” (May 12, 2010):

Lines of Responsibility – Every WSU employee shares in the responsibility to safeguard institutional resources. A higher level of responsibility accrues to supervisors (i.e., principal investigators, directors, managers, department chairs, deans, vice presidents). These individuals are responsible for safeguarding assets under their supervision. Specific duties include:

  • Compliance with WSU institutional resource management processes.
  • Compliance with the regulations of external funding agencies.
  • Ensuring funds are used for only legitimate institutional purposes.
  • Being alert to weaknesses that can lead to loss, waste and misuse, and taking action to correct such weaknesses.

A key element in WSU’s system of internal controls is review and approval of the monthly accounting statements. Supervisors of positions that can initiate transactions have primary responsibility to review and approve these statements. The importance of this simple administrative act cannot be overemphasized.

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