Nurse Re-entry: Completion Timeline

You should be able to complete the WSU Nurse Re-entry Program in no more than 12 months.  You will be offered a one-time extension period of three months for a fee of $150.  The maximum allowed time for program completion is 15 months.  Failure to complete the program within 15 months will result in failure of the program. Tuition and associated expenses will not be refunded.

Upon completion of the program, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. This document will be required by the Department of Professional Licensing when you seek to renew your PN license ( All license related fees, background checks, processes, and paperwork are separate from this program and require you to keep in contact with Utah DOPL.

Online Modules

The program consists of online modules. Depending upon your comfort level with the nursing concepts, you may plan to spend between 6-12 hours for each module. You may find that you will require more time on some modules, less on others. We recommend that you try to complete one module per week. If you are able to maintain this schedule, you will have completed the theory component in three months.

Skills Refresher Lab

The Skills Lab component is offered as needed on the WSU Ogden campus  located in Ogden, UT or the WSU Davis campus located in Layton, UT. Because of the specialized equipment and supplies needed, the Skills Lab component may not e ale to be offered out of the Ogden/Layton area.

Supervised Clinical Practicum

Depending upon the length of time you have been unlicensed, your supervised clinical practicum will require between 84 (seven 12-hour shifts) and 168 clock hours (fourteen 12-hour shifts). The WSU Nurse Re-entry Program will assign you to work with a registered nurse (RN) preceptor employed by a healthcare facility located in Utah. 

RN or PN-Predictor Examination

You may request to complete the RN or PN Predictor Examination as soon as you have completed the online modules, Skills Lab practice and Supervised Clinical Practicum. The Predictor exam is offered online and must be proctored.  Testing will take up to three hours and can be accomplished on the WSU Ogden Campus. You should be able to take the Predictor Exam within a week of your request, though this is not guaranteed. It may be possible to take the exam at other testing centers located throughout Utah. If this is your desire, please contact the WSU School of Nursing at 801-626-7416 or

The cost of the predictor exam is included in your cost of tuition. You will be required to pay additional fees for each exam retake.

If you commit to a full-time effort in the completion of the Nurse Re-Entry Program, you will be able to complete the requirements for either re-licensing or NCLEX re-testing in the following period of time:

  • Online Modules: 8 - 12 weeks
  • Skills Lab practice: 1-4 weeks
  • Predictor Exam: 1 week
  • Supervised Clinical Practicum: 7 or 14 weeks
  • Total (5-8 years unlicensed)*: 5-6 months
  • Total (8-10 years unlicensed)*: 7-8 months

* Total time for completion may vary according to the pace at which you accomplish the four components of the program.




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