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As a nursing student, you have the opportunity obtain "Departmental Honors in Nursing." The honors option allows you to expand your studies and knowledge, and create exciting and rewarding special projects.

Faculty members guide and mentor you through your honors work. Departmental Honors in Nursing requirements include completion of “progression honors work” – initiated when students begin baccalaureate program work. Nursing honors students must also complete Nursing 4840: "Honors Seminar in Nursing." Work on capstone honors projects provides the stimulus for a broadened educational experience.

Honors students who complete all required work are given special recognition during graduation ceremonies, as well as having the honors designation noted on their official WSU transcript. This designation often provides extra weight for acceptance into graduate school.


School of Nursing “Departmental Honors” / Baccalaureate Degree

  1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5
  2. Obtain a final grade of an A- in all nursing coursework
  3. Submit an application to the W.S.U. Honors Program and qualify for acceptance.
  4. Required:  Attend Nursing Honors Orientation during Week 1 of the BSN program to initiate “Honors Progression Work.”  This is done at the BSN orientation.
  5. Complete all required “Progression Honors Work”
  6. Register for Nursing 4840: “Honors in Nursing,” during the final program semester and complete all course requirements.
  7. Maintain honors expectations in academic, professional, and student conduct. (See School of Nursing Handbook).

University Honors

To graduate with University Honors, you must complete a minimum of 27 credit hours. University Honors includes a senior project completed over two semesters for a maximum of six (6) credit hours. You must maintain a 3.5 GPA to graduate with University Honors. For more information, see http://programs.weber.edu/honors/ or visit the Honors Department in Stewart Library.

General Honors

To receive General Honors with a General Education Associate's degree, you must complete 12 credit hours of University Honors core classes. For more information, see http://programs.weber.edu/honors/ or visit the Honors Department in Stewart Library.



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