School of Nursing Strategic Plan

5. Additional Resources and Revenues

Many of the plans and goals previously outlined will only be achieved by the acquisition of resources and revenues outside the Utah State system. Funding through grants and gifts will transpire when such sources recognize the quality of purpose and the exceptional benefits to both students and consumers. Requests for monies must be critically analyzed, carefully constructed and utilized in the most ethical, conscientious manner possible.

Currently in the process of development are the following initiatives:

  • Faculty currently enrolled in doctoral degree programs - through a federal grant
  • Additional programs in progress to increase the number of Registered Nurses - through a corporate gift
  • Incorporation of a new technology program for online graduate students to increase student/faculty interaction - through institutional funding
  • Establishment of a new corporate partnership to assist in alleviation of shortage in numbers of registered nurses and provide unique clinical opportunities

Future Goals

Expansion of the School of Nursing programs

Increase donor awareness of the Strategic Plan

Seek cooperative partners whose resources will enhance the School of Nursing program operations

Seek out and acquire grants which promote the strategic plan

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