School of Nursing Strategic Plan

2. Knowledgeable Faculty Recognized as "Experts" in the Expanded World of Nursing and Nursing Education

To address current demands and future challenges in the specialty of nursing education, faculty must be self motivated to work individually and in teams focused on new educational strategies, technology, and state of the art nursing care. Application of this knowledge will assist faculty to prepare students for excellence in patient care. To be recognized as exemplary faculty requires tenacity, knowledge of up to date information, certification, support from educational administration, the community, health care providers and colleagues.

Currently in the process of development are the following initiatives:

  • Monetary support for faculty seeking doctoral degrees
  • Promotion of a global perspective of nursing and health disparities by offering educational opportunities for nursing students and faculty, that promote the understanding of cultural diversity
  • A collegial environment which promotes and recognizes scholarly work
  • Faculty development workshops

Future Goals

Establishment of a Nursing Center of Excellence

Resources and motivation for faculty to become certified as nurse educators (CNE) through the National League for Nursing (NLN)

Ongoing program revisions to meet the challenges and demands the profession of nursing will face through the next decade and beyond

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