School of Nursing Strategic Plan

1. Innovative Programs to Meet Consumers' Care Needs

To address changes in consumers' health-care needs, WSU Nursing faculty are engaged in major reform for both undergraduate and graduate programs. This has resulted in the development of innovative new nursing curricula. Linked to the university's tripartite missions of teaching, research, and service, these enhancements are designed to: increase student mastery of an expanding body of knowledge; ensure safe performance of complex clinical interventions; critically analyze problems and utilize credible research in planning and/or implementation; educate students in a manner that ensures ethical practice and patient safety; motivate the transition of students from one level of nursing education to the next.

Currently in the process of development are the following initiatives:

  • Educational options for students holding Associate or Baccalaureate degrees prior to entering nursing
  • A graduate nursing program to aid in the alleviation of a projected severe nursing faculty and leadership shortage
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology to motivate knowledge acquisition and clinical performance
  • Simulation incorporating ethical decision making, interventions for life threatening patient problems and interdisciplinary approaches to health care

Future Goals

Promotion of undergraduate research

Acquisition of technology which enhances individual and/or group student learning

Initiation of a campaign to identify a "SPONSOR" for the School of Nursing

Development of a "Think Tank"

These individuals educated in various health care related professions, as well as nursing, will guide in the refinement and progression of the School of Nursing's strategic plan.

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