School of Nursing Strategic Plan

3. Expanded Partnerships and Collaborations

Weber State University and the School of Nursing have strong records of collaborations and/or partnerships which have enhanced program goals and ensured quality nursing care to individuals and communities. Such partnerships provide opportunities for working nurses to advance levels of education through programs of study which are recognized by receiving accreditation. Partnerships provide growth opportunities for nurses and nursing in rural and metropolitan areas; without collaboration and partnering, nursing vacancies are often difficult to fill, thus, individuals with health problems suffer.

Currently in the process of development are the following initiatives:

  • Expansion of partnerships to deliver nursing education to communities in need
  • Development of partnerships which enrich faculty knowledge of consumer diversity and global health disparities
  • Promotion of partnerships which provide unique learning opportunities for nursing students, especially with community health issues
  • Collaboration with Technical Centers and Community Colleges thereby enabling the advancement of educational opportunities for nursing student which increases the number of registered nurses
  • Establishment of partnerships which provide both service and educational opportunities
  • Designing of nursing education research which may be focused on evidenced based nursing education; and the design of models for delivery of nursing education

Future Goals

Establishment of a global partnership which stimulates intellectual curiosity, expands student and faculty knowledge base regarding world health issues, including nursing, and most importantly motivates students/nurses to serve patients and populations whose life circumstances have positioned them to be unable to afford the most basic health care.

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