RN to BSN Overview

WSU's Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (RN to BSN) allows working registered nurses to capitalize on prior education and experience when moving into the professional nurse realm. Courses strengthen critical thinking skills, increase knowledge of complex therapeutic concepts, present best practice management principles, and promote utilization of research to guide patient care.

Faculty provide a supportive environment with a belief that education is a shared experience between teacher and student. Faculty expect students to desire additional knowledge and skills and to organize personal life demands to allow time for study and learning. Upper division nursing courses are guided by specific outcomes and organized to lay a foundation for the holistic practice of professional nursing.

The BSN curriculum is designed to be completed in two to three semesters. Course instruction is organized and delivered in a hybrid format, which combines face-to-face classes with online learning. The hybrid model brings students to campus five times per semester. In a hybrid model, students must be highly motivated and recognize that the online learning portion of the learning process requires commitment, time, and work. For students who qualify, the program is also offered in a complete online delivery method.

The BSN program is preparatory for entry into graduate level nursing educational programs. Students planning to proceed to graduate programs may utilize the BSN upper division elective for completing any necessary prerequisites or other preparation.

Our vision is to lead the nation in innovative learning environments which incorporate technology, challenge learners, develop educators, and transform health care worldwide.

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