Course Requirements

The RN to BSN program is a learning-intensive, time-consuming enterprise.

The School of Nursing strongly recommends that you work no more than 24 hours a week during the course of the program. If your family and home commitments are high, we recommend you curtail outside employment even further.

Following are the required courses for the nursing program. Non-nursing courses are available to all WSU students. In order to enroll in the nursing courses, you must have applied and been accepted to a specific nursing program.

All non-nursing courses must be completed at a C level or higher. Grades of C- or lower will not be accepted toward graduation completion.

BS General Education/Graduation Requirements
(Refer to Degree and General Education Requirements for Bachelor of Science .)

Nursing Course Information

Class hours are arranged in a manner that you are on campus two days per week, at five specified weeks per semester. Nursing courses are taught in block periods. This schedule is meant to accommodate the needs of practicing registered nurses.

The BSN curriculum is designed to be completed in a minimum of two semesters.

If you have five or more years of RN experience, you may receive course credits through successful completion of challenge examination for NRSG 4500 Nursing Management and Leadership. Contact BSN secretary, Tiffany Bennett, for criteria and paperwork.

Upon application, you may select part-time status. Individual schedules can be designed to help meet your personal circumstances. However, all course work must be completed within three years of entering the BSN program.

Prerequisite Courses

Students must have completed the following classes or their equivalent. Courses must be passed with a "C" grade or better. Some prerequisite courses are offered through WSU Online (Phone: 801-626-6600).

Inorganic/Organic Chemistry/Bio-chemistry  (5)  801-626-6952
Anatomy & Physiology  (8) 801-626-6165
English  (6) 801-626-6409
Intro. Psychology  (3) 801-626-6247
Quantitative Literacy  (3) 801-626-6804

These courses may be challenged. Contact the specific department at the phone number listed.

BSN Curriculum Pattern

The BSN curriculum must be completed within three years of the date of your acceptance as a RN-BSN student. A departmental honors program is offered.

Nursing Courses Required (25 credit hours)

Complete the following classes:
NRSG 4100 Complex Patient Centered Nursing Care 3 credits
NRSG 4200 Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice 3 credits
NRSG 4300 Healthcare Policy and Decision Making 3 credits
NRSG 4400 Population Health in Nursing 4 credits
NRSG 4500 Nursing Management and Leadership 3 credits
NRSG 4600 Communication, Collaboration, and Information Management in Healthcare 3 credits 
Select six (6) credit hours from the following courses:
NRSG 4050 Nursing Assessment Across the Lifespan 3 credits
NRSG 4060 Oncology Nursing 3 credits
NRSG 4070 Threats & Crisis: Nursing Response 3 credits
NRSG 4080 Nursing: High Risk Adult 3 credits
NRSG 4090 Nursing: High Risk Family 3 credits
NRSG 4700 Forensic Nursing 3 credits
Complete 3 hours of upper division credits from any department outside Nursing:
  Upper Division Elective 3 credits
  ("C" grade or better)   

See the WSU Course Catalog for individual course descriptions.






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