Course Requirements

Accessibility & Flexibility

Master’s students attend courses full-time (9 credit hours) for four semesters of study. Course instruction is organized and delivered in a 100% online format. Graduate students must be highly motivated and recognize that the online learning process requires additional commitment, time, and work. 

A capstone project and nursing residency are completed during the final semesters of study. The nursing residency consists of a Nurse Leader: Executive or Nurse Leader: Educator track internship.  The residency experience requires a total of 85 contact (clock) hours, or approximately 6-7 hours per week.

Program Details

MSN Prerequisites

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree
  • Current Utah RN license or eligibility for license without restriction in the state of Utah
  • Advanced college writing course (English 3210 or 3100)
    • Applicants can apply to the program prior to completion of the professional writing course.
    • Applicants that have an advanced writing course completed by the March 1 Priority Application deadline will be awarded extra points in the applicant rating process.
    • An advanced professional writing course at another institution is accepted, but requires prior authorization by either the Director of Admissions or MSN Program Director.
  • Working knowledge of statistics as utilized in research or administrative functions such as budgets, staffing, etc. Completion of an undergraduate statistics course or BSN Research/Statistics course within the past 5 years strongly recommended (Psych, Soc or Geron 3600).

MSN Curriculum Pattern

Core Courses (15 credits - all students regardless of concentration)

MSN 6100 Research Methods (3 cr)
MSN 6120 Research and Statistics (3 cr)
MSN 6141 Advanced Nursing Theory (3 cr)
MSN 6160 Evidence-Based Practice I (3 cr)
MSN 6180 Improving Patient Care & Nursing Practice through Information Systems and Technology (3 cr)

Nurse Leader: Executive Track (21 credits)

MSN 6200 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Administration (3 cr)
MSN 6300 Quality Improvement, Patient Safety & Risk Issues in Patient Care Delivery (3 cr)
MSN 6324 Financial Issues in Nursing Administration (3 cr)
MSN 6340 Compliance with Legal & Regulatory Systems in Patient Care Delivery (3 cr)
MSN 6360 Scope and Practice of Nursing Administration (3 cr)
MSN 6380 Retaining and Developing a Competent Workforce in Nursing (3 cr)
MSN 6400 Nursing Administrator Residency - 85 hours (3 cr)

Nurse Leader: Educator Track ( 21 credits)

MSN 6500 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Education (3 cr)
MSN 6520 Curriculum Development for Nursing Educators (3 cr)
MSN 6540 Measurement of Competence & Outcomes in Nursing Education (3 cr)
MSN 6560 Socialization in the Role of Nursing Educator (3 cr)
MSN 6580 Clinical Nursing Instruction in Higher Education & Community Settings (3 cr)
MSN 6600 Nursing Instruction in Higher Education & Community Settings (3 cr)
MSN 6700 Teaching Residency - 85 hours (3 cr)

Masters' Project

MSN 6800 MSN Project Development & Implementation (4 cr) 




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