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Practical Nurse (PN) to Registered Nurse (RN) Program:

[ 1 year / 2 semesters]

Based on funding, student numbers and need for nursing programs, the School of Nursing Online PN to RN (RN Completion - AS/AAS). Program plans to admit approximately 24 students twice a year (fall and spring). The Online PN to RN program is 2 semesters in length and goes Fall/Spring or Spring/Fall.

Please note that a certain percentage of the available positions for fall and spring will go to qualified applicants within the rural geographic areas which have been traditionally served by the School of Nursing at Weber State University.

To meet the expectations of the Online PN to RN (AAS/AS) program you must:

  • Complete the online theory course work.
  • Expect to travel to WSU/Main Campus (Ogden) or WSU/Davis Campus (Layton) for orientation at the beginning of the program.
  • Expect to travel for labs during several semesters. Labs may be held at WSU Main Campus (Ogden), WSU/Davis Campus (Layton), or a designated lab site (TBA). Details will be provided to admitted students at orientation prior to beginning first semester of nursing school.
  • Expect to travel to take exams, which must be taken at secure, approved testing locations that have been arranged by the School of Nursing.
  • Expect to travel to the clinical sites, which may be several hours in transit. You must provide your own transportation.
  • Complete all non-nursing course work through WSU or complete through taking equivalent courses at other regionally accredited colleges or universities during the semester indicated in the curriculum pattern (or earlier).

Clinical sites will be determined and finalized after the applicant pool is finalized. Admitted applicants must be able to drive to and attend clinical at least one day a week (in some cases the drive could be several hours in each direction). Admitted applicants will also need to travel to determined sites for labs (during several semesters), and testing, etc. Other non-nursing course work may need to be completed through WSU Online or another college or university during the same semester that you are completing your nursing course work.

The following information will help you with your decision to pursue this program:

Checklists and Applications:

If you have questions about the program and/or are interested in pursuing the Online PN to RN program, contact the School of Nursing Enrollment Director by e-mail at or by phone (801) 626-6753. The School of Nursing Enrollment Director, Robert Holt, is available to answer your questions about applications, pre-requisite courses, transfer credits, and general counseling.

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