Nursing at Weber State University

School of Nursing Mission Statement

Our vision is to lead the nation in innovative learning environments which incorporate technology, challenge learners, develop educators, and transform health care worldwide.

Founded in 1953, WSU Nursing offers career progression opportunities: You can move from Practical Nursing (PN) to Associate of Science Degree Nursing (RN) to Bachelor of Science Nursing (BSN) to Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) via a ladder curriculum, which allows you to climb through these levels according to your individual abilities, aspirations, career goals and changing life circumstances.

The program provides a foundation from the physical, biological, behavioral and nursing sciences that you can apply in caring for clients in a variety of nursing environments.

We offer three levels of preparation for nursing practice: AS/ADN, BSN, and MSN. Our curricula reflect distinct purposes and expectations for each level of preparation. Competency standards define graduate characteristics at each of these levels.

There are four entry options into the program: PN to RN (RN Completion)RN (ADN), RN to BSN, and MSN.  The PN to RN (RN Completion - AS/AAS) and the RN (AS) options lead to an associate's degree and to licensure by examination as a registered nurse (RN). The RN to BSN requires valid RN licensure prior to entry and leads to a bachelor's degree. The MSN requires a BSN prior to entry and leads to a master's degree.


Functional Requirements

Career Ladder Planning

Entry Options

Associate of Science (RN)

PN to RN (RN Completion)

Bachelor of Science for Registered Nurses
(RN to BSN)

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

Graduate Certificate