Nurse Re-entry: Curriculum

On-line Learning Modules

The WSU Nurse Re-entry Program curriculum is delivered online. Modules are designed to address nursing care concepts and principles associated with various patient populations and nursing practice issues. These concepts include a review of the related practices of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.

Within each module are assignments to complete and submit to the instructor to demonstrate competence in the concepts presented. After successfully completing the assignments, you will be ready to take the module exam as a post-test to assess your learning. Students are encouraged to take the module exam as a pretest to help direct their studies.

The Skills Refresher Lab

The supervised clinical practicum will assist you in renewing the organizational and problem-solving skills necessary for competent and safe nursing practice. The Skills Lab will consist of 8-10 hours in one or two day practice sessions. The skills lab is designed to assist you in reviewing and updating the psychomotor skills that are essential to current practice.

Supervised Clinical Practicum

You will be assigned to work side-by-side with a registered nurse. The practicum hours you will be required to complete is based upon the number of years that you have been unlicensed. Your supervised clinical practicum will require between 84 (seven 12-hour shifts) and 168 (14 12-hour shifts) clock hours. The WSU Nurse Re-entry Program will assign you to work with a registered nurse (RN) preceptor employed by a health care facility located in Utah.  (5-8 years  unlicensed= 84 clock hours; 8-10 years = 168 clock hours)

RN or PN-Predictor Examination

Upon completion of the Theory, Skills Refresher Lab, and Supervised Clinical Practicum components of the program, you will be required to successfully pass a nationally standardized RN or PN predictor examination.

Required Textbooks

Required and recommended textbooks can be purchased online or ordered directly from a local bookstore. accepts only online orders, while Barnes & Noble has local and online stores. Both offer reasonable prices and quick delivery time. An up-to-date booklist will be included in your registration packet. 

NCLEX Preparation

*Although these resources are very informative and may help you prepare for the Predictor exam or NCLEX, they are not required.

  • Prentice-Hall offers a series of review books. They can be accessed at
  • PN and RN NCLEX Review books are readily available in both direct and online bookstores.


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