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What can I do with a degree in Visual Arts - 3D Media?

Employment options for graduates include working in fields as diverse as architecture, industrial design, landscape design, sculpture, ceramics, engineering, business and more.

What will I learn?

The WSU, 3-D Media program provides a solid learning environment which help students develop thoughtful, sensitive and aesthetically successful solutions to a variety of creative challenges. Students in the program become familiar with a range of materials, learning constructive, subtractive and diverse techniques. Through working in actual media, students learn traditional, non-traditional and innovative forms and hone their skills in fabrication. Projects are designed to enhance and develop student self-esteem in the creative process, and give them life-long learning skills they can draw upon in any professional field they choose to pursue.

Students begin the study of 3-D Media and other three-dimensional arts by enrolling in the foundation course, Art 1130. This course involves the study of fundamental design principles and techniques including a working knowledge of various design methods and materials and their relationship to the concept, utilization, development and completion of design projects. In other words, it involves thinking and working with real materials, in real space, solving real problems.

Degrees available:

  • Bachelor’s degree
    Visual Arts majors may choose from six different emphases
    • Art Education Composite (BS or BA)
    • General Art (BA)
    • Photography (BFA)
    • Three Dimensional (BFA)
    • Two Dimensional (BFA)
    • Visual Communication (BFA)
  • Minors available
    • Art
    • Art History
    • Art Teaching
    • Photography
    • BIS emphasis
    • Design for Digital Media

What is the application process?

Although there is no application deadline, we encourage you to apply early and register for classes. When you are ready to apply for the BFA degree and you are planning a 3D emphasis, consult the 3D area advisors: David Cox,, or Suzanne Kanatsiz,