Textbooks & Course Packets

A complete list of books for MLS courses is available at the Weber State University Bookstore or by downloading the following pdf file: MLS Textbooks List. If you are an on campus student, you can purchase your books at the bookstore. If you are an online student, you can order your textbooks from the bookstore and have them mailed to you.

The list at the WSU Bookstore site is available starting about two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Select a course from the drop-down box, and the list of books and materials needed for that course will be displayed.

Student Course Packets
For most MLS courses, the instructor has written an additional student course packet, or module, to accompany the textbook(s). The packets are available from the bookstore.

The student course packets are usually available a week to several days before the start of the semester, and in some cases, during the first week of the semester. When you pick up, or order your course packet(s) from the bookstore, be sure to have the course number and instructor's name and also mention that you are an on-campus or online student so you don't accidentally purchase the wrong course packet. When you receive the course packet, check the cover page, which should indicate "Online" or "On-Campus."

Several courses have the option to purchase the student course packets from the bookstore OR to download a PDF file and print the packets from Blackboard. Note: You will not have access to the course Blackboard until the first day of the semester. For a list of courses with available PDF files go to MLS Textbooks List.