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The process of earning a graduate degree can be challenging academically, personally, and professionally.  We want your experience in the MENG program to be positive in every way!  Please let us know how our faculty and staff can help you succeed. Get to know your fellow students and faculty members—seek opportunities to build professional and personal relationships that will make your graduate studies as rewarding as possible.

Applying to PhD programs?

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD, we have a few suggestions.  We've prepared students to pursue their PhD at Utah, Arkansas, Northern Illinois, LSU, University of South Florida, University of Louisiana @ Lafayette, Utah State, Iowa Writing Program, Oklahoma Law School and Indiana - Purdue.  You are probably going to use the forms below.  You'll likely do a directed reading, a thesis/project, and present at a conference on your journey to a PhD.

For your convenience, here are some specific pages that you might be interested in:


Follow the link for forms related to:

These forms require signatures from the appropriate faculty.  Complete as much of the form as you can, then print it and obtain the necessary signatures.  Students should discuss details with the program director and/or faculty the semester before you'd like to begin any individualized instruction.

Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

Students with a bachelor of science degree must show foreign language equivalency before graduation.

Students entering the program with a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) from an accredited college or university automatically fulfill the language requirement. Students entering the MENG Program with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree can fulfill the language requirement in one of two ways:

Option 1: Foreign Language Coursework
  • Students with a BS degree must show foreign language competency either by completing six hours of a foreign language class with a grade of C (or better) or by passing a prescribed foreign language reading test.
Option 2: Language Test

Students with a B.S. degree must show foreign language competency by passing a foreign language reading test. Students wishing to pursue this option should do the following:

Contact professor to arrange a test:

Michael Wutz (German)
Susan McKay (French)
Tim Conrad (Spanish)

For other languages, contact the MENG Program office to arrange.

  • Pay the $50.00 fee to the Cashier's Office in SSC 209. Keep the receipt or request a duplicate to submit to MENG. The professor or staff member will deliver the test to a WSU Testing Center.
  • The test consists of a reading passage from a text selected by the professor in the foreign language of your choice. You will then answer in English a number of comprehension questions, which are written in English.
  • The test is open book, meaning you can bring dictionaries or grammar books to the test. Electronic devices, however, are not permitted.
  • There is no time limit for the test.

The professor will pick up the test, score it and give it to the MENG office, where it will be placed in your file. The MENG program assistant will notify you and the program director of the test results. (A score of 70% on the comprehension questions is required to pass the test.) Cat Tracks will be updated to reflect the completion of this degree requirement.

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