Program Description


Successful graduates of the MENG program at Weber State University will possess scholarly skills as well as scholarly knowledge.

Scholarly skills include:

  • the use of advanced writing skills to meet personal, scholarly, and professional goals. 

  • enhanced effectiveness of verbal communication during any future professional requirements, such as meetings, presentations, public speaking, negotiations, small-group communication, and discussions.

  • analysis of both popular and scholarly sources for reliability of information and integrity of research.

Scholarly Knowledge includes:

  • the general understanding of the broad field of English literature and language.
  • the mastery of at least two areas of study:
    • American, British, and/or World Literature
    • Linguistics
    • Teacher Education 


The Master of Arts in English program (MENG) provides excellent educational experiences for its students through extensive personal contact among faculty, staff, and students in an environment that encourages freedom of expression while valuing diversity.  We take pride in a student-centered environment for learning and believe close associations between faculty and students contribute to student success.

The MENG program is designed to provide advanced preparation in writing, critical thinking skills, and English language and literature.  The purpose of the advanced study of language and literature is to heighten humanistic values and awareness to generate and serve a local community of scholars.