eWeber Portal Guide

The eWeber portal offers many features including:

  • drag-and-drop channels and tabs
  • flexible channel organization options
  • faster adding of new channels
  • and other new features to come

You can use it by logging in from the Weber.edu homepage.

We recommend that you watch this short video before using the portal:


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit feedback?

Click to send feedback about eWeber.


How can I get help?

Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.


Does eWeber remember my personal settings?

If for some reason you do not see a channel you previously added, simply click the "Content/Layout (Add a channel)" link to re-add the channel to your layout.  It will add the new channel to the bottom uppermost position in your layout and from there you can drag and drop it to your desired location.


Why do my channels appear out of position or overlapping?

When logging in the the first time, click the Magic Wand auto-layout icon  in the upper left corner.  By doing this the system will automatically arrange and resize your channels and place them into columns.  Repeat this step for each tab.  Then use your mouse to click on a channel and drag and drop to the desired location.


Do I have to use a column or grid layout?

No, unlike the old portal the new portal is more flexible, allowing you to organize channels in the way that makes sense to you.  Click the Free Form icon  to freely move channels anywhere on your screen (you can even stack them).  Or click the Snap to Grid icon   to drag and drop channels into a grid layout (this is the default).  If you want the system to automatically arrange your channels into grid-like columns, click the Magic Wand auto-layout icon .



How do I set the default tab when I login?

Simply drag and drop the tab you wish to be your default to the leftmost menu position.  The next time you login you should see this tab as your default.


What recommended browsers should I use with eWeber?

The new portal works well in any modern browser. To ensure you are taking advantage of all functionality we recommend you keep your browser up to date, using the most current version of your browser software.  


Does eWeber work on my mobile device?

Yes, to access the eWeber Mobile Portal visit http://m.weber.edu/eweber on your smartphone or download the WSU Mobile app.