IT Portfolio and Project Management

Academic Portfolio Meeting

Mike Vaughan, Bret Ellis
Portfolio Chair:  David Ferro, Madonne Miner
Portfolio Manager:  Shelly Belflower
Administrator:  Maritza Mestre-Touma


The Chair will lead the portfolio in reviewing the membership list. The Chair will request membership changes as needed.



New Proposals

Members will present new proposals

Completed Projects

The Chair will lead the portfolio in scoring Completed Projects (1-5 stars depending on how well the project met the goals).


Projects in Planning

The Manager will report on Projects in Planning


The Chair will lead the discussion on additional topics  

Current Projects

The Manager will report on Current Projects

Approved and On Hold

The Chair will lead a discussion on whether Approved (not yet In Planning) or On Hold projects will remain in the current status. The alternatives are to activate the project (move to In Planning...usually happens when other projects are completed) or remove the project.


The Chair will lead a review of the portfolio inventory. Each item should be reviewed and ranked about every six months. A good standard is to review 1/3-1/4 of the inventory at each portfolio meeting.

The Administrator will record changes.



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