Employee Exit Process

A separation e-PAR was submitted and has been approved indicating you will be leaving Weber State University. 

In order to insure a smooth and timely checkout, please follow the instructions below:


If you...


...have building or office keys

...return your keys to Facilities Management and collect your deposit refund form. (Campus Services) 

 ...have a parking permit and/or outstanding parking tickets

 ...return your parking pass to Parking Services and settle any unpaid parking tickets.* (Dee Events Center Ticket Office - Temporary Location)

 ...have a p-card

...turn in the monthly p-card statement and supporting documentation since your last audit to Internal Audit. (Miller Administration Building, 214) 

 ...have library books from Stewart Library

...return them to the library

 ...have a charge account at the WSU Bookstore

...please make payment arrangements* with the Bookstore. (Union Building) 

 ...have a balance on your tuition payments, or need to be reimbursed for your key deposit

..clear any outstanding balance* owed at the Cashier and collect your key reimbursement. (Student Service Center, 209)

 ...have a locker at the Swenson Gymnasium

...remove all personal items. 

...you have a balance on your Wildcard

...if it's more than $25, request a refund at the Union Building Information desk.  If it's less than $25, please use it prior to your last work day. 

*Outstanding balances can be deducted from your paycheck if they are less than your paycheck amount.



Complete the check-out process in Human Resources by scheduling an appointment before your last working day at 801-626-7230.  During your visit, turn in your medical insurance card(s), Wildcard, EdPass, completed exit interview form, and any other campus property. For your convenience, we have included a link to the campus map: http://weber.edu/weberstatemap/ 


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Human Resources at 801-626-7230 or hr@weber.edu.