Mission Statement & Learning Outcomes

The Honors Program Mission Statement:

The Weber State University Honors Program offers students a comfortable and friendly learning environment.  We offer a:

  • Place for students looking for an academic community, both through classes and in the Honors Center;
  • Number of small, challenging, and creative classes, many of which fulfill General Education requirements;
  • Commitment to diversity, in terms of the variety of classes offered, as well as our respect for individual differences;
  • Discussion-based approach to classes that often includes collaborative group projects or activities;
  • Preparation for professional life and graduate school after Weber.


The Honors Program Learning Outcomes:

Students will:

  • Practice clear and compelling written and/or creative expression;
  • Engage in critical thinking that is open-minded, objective, and as free as possible from prejudice and presupposition;
  • Undertake the comprehension of abstract arguments and the ability to move between the general and the particular;
  • Encounter a variety of human experience, exploring both its universality and its diversity.