Honors Center and Honors Staff

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Honors Program
Stewart Library Room 324
3921 Central Campus Dr. Dept 2904
Ogden, UT 84408-2904
Phone: (801) 626-7591

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
8:00 AM—4:00 PM


Meet the Honors Program Staff


Dan Bedford,
Honors Director

Dan Bedford was born and grew up in England, in a family devoted to the arts and sciences. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Oxford University, adventure beckoned in the form of graduate study at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Five years teaching at a private liberal arts college in Vermont led to a recognition that the mountains and wide open spaces of the west were better suited to his temperament, and he relocated to Weber State University in 2002, where he now teaches physical geography and climate science in WSU’s Geography department. Dan took on the role of director of the Honors Program in 2016.

He is married to Alice Mulder (also in the Geography Department, and director of SPARC, the Sustainability Practices and Research Center). They have two beautiful children, Emma and Henry.




Marilyn Diamond,
Honors Advisor

Marilyn has worked at Weber State University since 1973. She graduated from Utah State University with a degree in education and from Weber State University with a degree in English. She has been the Honors Program Advisor since 1999. Marilyn has written and performed Cowboy Poetry throughout the West. She is also an avid runner.

(801) 626-7336




Aubrey Jenkins Lord,
Departmental Honors Manager

Aubrey started working at Weber State University in the fall of 2007, and joined the Honors Program staff in June of 2013. She’s loved her journey at WSU and especially enjoys working with the Honors Program students, faculty, and staff. 
When not in the office, Aubrey is an avid reader who loves music, anything crafty, and the latest and greatest technology. She also enjoys spending time outdoors and has walked the Ogden Half Marathon three times (so far). Aubrey recently traded diapers and parenting texts for her beloved e-reader and the latest must-read novel, but her tablet and headphones have found a new home in the diaper bag. Also a Weber State University student, Aubrey recently completed her Associates of Science in General Studies and continues to pursue a Bachelor's degree in English.

(801) 626-7591


Christopher Fink,
Student Assistant

Chris was born in Antarctica. He was found living with a family of penguins when an expedition troop was looking for Captain Steve Rodgers. Chris was brought in for testing and found with an extreme amount of Midiclorians in his blood. He was later adopted by Thomas and Martha Wayne. As a boy, Chris was horrified and traumatized to see his parents being murdered by a mugger in front of his very eyes in an alleyway in Gotham City.

Chris knows English, bad-english, whale calling, and the middle-eastern form of penguin. He volunteers his time by watching extreme amounts of Netflix. Due to his consumptions of energy drinks he is on his third liver transplant.