All General Education classes are assessed according to the learning outcomes established by the different colleges and the Honors Program. 

Honors faculty will find a spreadsheet below for the different disciplines (CA, HU, LS, PS, and SS). Honors faculty are responsible for completing the assessment material accessed through this link. Follow the instructions to submit the completed assessment materials to the Honors Program electronically.

If you need assistance with this process, please contact Aubrey Jenkins Lord.  The completed spreadsheet and artifacts are due on the day grades are due. This is not an optional form of assessment; it's required of any of us teaching Gen Ed classes, Honors included.

In addition, we will continue to gather data specific to the Honors Program using the Honors Program learning outcomes. Towards the end of the semester, an Honors staff person will contact each Honors class teacher to set up a time to conduct in-class Honors Program assessments. Why on paper and in class? Because we've found that we gather more complete information when we have a captive audience.

When we come to the class, we'll give the following two assessment pieces to students:

Student Course Assessment—This form is based on Honors Program learning outcomes and assesses what students learned in the class.

Student Program Assessment—This form assesses the students’ experience of the Honors Program, not the course.
We will also give Honors faculty the following form to complete, as we're interested in teacher feedback on the class and the Honors Program.

We will also ask each Honors teacher to complete the following form:

Faculty Course Assessment

After grades have been posted, we will send Honors faculty a copy of the students' comments.

Assessment Documents and Templates
Faculty Templates

Honors Evidence of Learning Spreadsheets
Creative Arts
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Social Sciences 

Learning Outcomes
Honors Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes
Honors/Creative Arts & Humanities
Honors/Life Science & Physical Science
Honors/Social Science

End of Semester Assessment Documents
Student Assessments
Student Course Assessment
Student Program Assessment

Faculty Assessments
Faculty Course Assessment