Weber Historical Society

FALL 2014 
Newell Bringhurst and Craig L. Foster

Polygamy continued in Mormonism after the main church ended the practice in 1890. Two historians will examine this issue in two shorter presentations on "Modern Fundamentalist Polygamy: Why the Practice Persisted Despite the 1890 Manifesto?" and "The Many Wives of Rulon and Warren Jeffs: Resulting Conflict and Controversy." They have published extensively on these and related topics.  

Monday, September 22nd   7:00pm 

“Howard Hughes”
Jim Whetton

Howard Hughes, the multimillionaire, aviation pioneer, and famous recluse later in life, fascinated people while he was alive and after his death. The major Hollywood movie, “The Aviator,” was based on his life. Local author Jim Whetton worked for Hughes and has written a book on the man he knew.                  

Monday, October 20th   7:00 pm
Garden Room, Lindquist Alumni Center

"The Bear River Massacre Revisited”

Darren B. Parry

Darren B. Parry, the Vice Chairman of the Northwestern Shoshone Nation, will discuss the relatively good relationship between the Mormon settlers and the Northwestern Shoshone Nation. He will discuss the Bear River Massacre and the aftermath and how the massacre did not define the remaining Northwest Shoshone. He describes how one man’s forgiving heart (Sagwitch) has blessed generations. The nation is different from most tribes today and he will discuss those differences and their future.

Monday, November 17th  7:00 pm
Garden Room, Lindquist Alumni Center



Lectures sponsored by:  WSU Alumni Association*, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of History, Stewart Library, Weber Historical Society*, William Critchlow III, Jack and Betty Lampros