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                 SPRING 2014 

“Massacre at Bear River”
Rod Miller


On January 29, 1863, United States Army troops engaged a Shoshoni village on the banks of the Bear River just over 100 miles north of Camp Douglas in Salt Lake City and accomplished the deadliest slaughter of Indians in the history of the West, killing some 300 men, women, and children—most in a cold-blooded massacre. How and why did it happen? What was the aftermath? And why is this pivotal event largely lost to history? In this presentation, Rod Miller, author of Massacre at Bear River–First, Worst, Forgotten (2008), will shed light on a dark day in history that should be remembered.

Monday, January 27   7:00pm 

“The Making and Unmaking of Utah”
Jared Farmer
A Special Wednesday Presentation!

The most iconic phrase in Utah history—“this is the  place”—belies an important truth: settlers don’t find places; they make them.  And every act of place-making is on some level an act of displacement—unsettling or unmaking what was already there.  Come learn about the hidden history of Utah’s geography at an illustrated lecture by Jared Farmer, author of Glen Canyon Dammed (2004) and the prize-winning On Zion’s Mount: Mormons, Indians, and the American Landscape (2010).    

Wednesday, February 26   7:00 pm
Garden Room, Lindquist Alumni Center

“Nursing in America, Utah and Weber State:
Deborah Judd

The term nurse has evolved over centuries.  Donahue (1996) described nursing as the oldest of arts and the youngest of professions, an integral part of societal movements, and an epic involving trials and triumphs, romance and adventure; it connotes a variety of impressions and expectations.  Deborah Judd, DNP, an associate professor of nursing, discusses historical roots of nursing, trends, and nursing advancement in America and Utah with particulars of nursing at Weber State.  This year Weber State University commemorates 125 years and the School of Nursing celebrates professional excellence from ‘zero to sixty’ year.  Deborah is primary author of A History of American Nursing: Trends and Eras (2013).                                         

Monday, March 17  7:00 pm
Garden Room, Lindquist Alumni Center

“Taking Stock of World War I
Tammy Proctor
In August 1914 a war commenced that transformed the political, economic, cultural and social landscape of several continents and instituted a new era of militarization.  This World War touched the lives of men and women of other nationalities, classes and occupations.  From the first widespread use of aerial bombing to the development of concentration/internment camps to the expansion of government bureaucracies, World War I changed the globe forever.  In this centennial year, Dr. Tammy Proctor (Utah State University) will discuss the origins of the war and its global impact on the 20th century.     
Monday, April 28   7:00 pm


Lectures sponsored by:  WSU Alumni Association*, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of History, Stewart Library, Weber Historical Society*, William Critchlow III, Jack and Betty Lampros


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