History Department Events for 2015-2016 


FALL 2016 Other Special Lectures:

This lecture features Dr. Daniel Menning from the Univserity of Tübingen on “Start-ups or Frauds of the Stock Exchange? Company Promotion during the South Sea Bubble 1720”.


FALL 2016 Weber Historical Society Lecture Series:

In this talk, Harold Holzer explores Lincoln’s ongoing leadership role in the heated, ongoing battle over foreign immigration to America—an uncivil war unto itself even as a real Civil War broke out between North and South. Lincoln had much to say on the issue as a rising local politician, as a Congressman, as a politician, as president—and even during a temporary and largely unknown stint as editor of his own foreign-language newspaper! As always, Lincoln offers revealing insights into his complex day and age—and guidance for our own. 


SPRING 2016 Weber Historical Society Lecture Series: 

This spring's Weber Historical Society Lecture Series will feature Dr. Jedediah Rogers on
"The Council of Fifty in Western History, " Devery Anderson
 on "Emmett Till: The Murder that Shocked the World," Alexandria Waltz on "Punk Culture in Southern California," and Charles Trentelman on "Blasted Out of History."  


FALL 2015 Lampros Lecture Series:

This year's Lampros Series will feature an art exhibition of Mort Kunstler's work. During his 60-year career
Mort Künstler’s paintings have chronicled American History, from before the Europeans arrived,
through the forming of the New Nation, the settling of the West, the Civil War, a nation coming of
age in the 19th and 20th centuries, its 20th and 21st century military experiences, the space age, and popular culture.