Phi Alpha Theta

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALEXANDRIA WALTZ, Phi Alpha Theta Conference, April 16, 2011 Award for Best Undergraduate Paper "The Youth Rock and Roll Club Culture of 1970s and 1980s Los Angeles"

Phi Alpha Theta

We would like to introduce you to


Phi Alpha Theta is the National History Honor Society dedicated to research, publication, teaching, and an exchange of ideas among historians.


· Opportunity to present papers at conferences

· Chance to win prizes offered by PAT in national competitions

· PAT looks great on graduate school applications or a resume for teaching positions

· Official Phi Alpha Theta Honor cords for graduating seniors

ABOUT Alpha Gamma Omicron Chapter:

In the past two years our membership increased from a mere 4 members to over 50. (Members include every faculty member in the Department of History). We have an active membership that participates regularly in field trips, meetings and fundraisers. Alpha Gamma Omicron is skillfully led by an officer corps that works diligently to promote PAT and develop interesting, fun, and educational opportunities for its members.


The Alpha Gamma Omicron Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta admits members during both Fall and Spring Semesters. The following requirements must be met at the time of application:

· 12 completed hours of History classes

· 3.5 minimum GPA in History classes

· 3.0 minimum Cumulative GPA

· $45 membership fee (includes Lifetime Membership, subscription to The Historian and The New Letter, and Alpha Gamma Omicron $5 chapter dues)


Once your completed application has been accepted, you will be allowed to fully participate in all PAT events, meetings, etc. In November you will receive an invitation to your official initiation into PAT. At the Initiation ceremony you will receive a certificate verifying your membership. (You do not need to be present at the Initiation to receive your certificate, but attendance at the ceremony is considered an essential experience of becoming a member of Phi Alpha Theta; please plan on attending.)


Submit completed application form and $45 to the Phi Alpha Theta Faculty Advisor or the History Dept office, SS234. All applications for Fall semester’s initiation must be submitted by the end of October. If you have any questions, please call or email the Phi Alpha Theta Faculty Advisor.

Advisor – Dr. Branden Little, SS248  801 626-6710


2011-12 Officers

 President:  Alexandria Waltz

Vice President  Tyler Paulsen

Secretary  Kelli Willis

Historian  Rick Kelson

Check out PAT’s website:


Six Phi Alpha Theta (History honor society) students presented at the March 31, 2012 Utah Regional Phi Alpha Theta Conference at Westminster College:


Eladio Bobadilla,“Radical Patriots: Zinn, Chomsky, Heller and Their Ideology of Dissent.”


Ryan Evans, “Why the South Lost the Battle of Gettysburg.”

Rick Kelson, “Barnes Bank: A Case Study in the History of Utah Banking.”


Jonathan M. Poll, “Scratching Out History: Paiute Indians and the Mountain Meadows Massacre.”


Penny J. Steed, “Union Women in the Confederacy.”


Jason Strong, “Where are the Weapons? An Analysis of the Pretext behind Operation Iraqi Freedom.”