Student Comments

Some of the student comments on evaluations for Health Science courses are:


"She (the instructor) believes in us, which in turn helps us believe in ourselves!"

"The instructor was always willing to work with you and even stay after class to help with questions or homework. Loved that the instructor was so open minded to how each student learned even if it was a different learning style."

"BY FAR the most prepared, knowledgeable, professor I EVER had. The instructor is prepared in every way to teach the class and is willing to put in time necessary to teach students what they need to know. I never met a professor who has so much knowledge in this field and one who is able to answer questions related to this topic that are outside of the prescribed curriculum. The professor is clear to outline exactly what is expected of students and is more than willing to put in time outside of class to help them out. In my opinion, a teacher-of-the year award is well in order for a great educator such as this."

"I really enjoyed my professor. He made the learning enjoyable, and his personality lightened up the mood. It was a hard class but he made the learning better; it encouraged me to go to class. Still a tough class; lots of studying."

"She (the professor) helped me understand, and enjoy the material. She helped coming to class enjoyable with her stories and personality. She was knowledgeable, but didin't talk down to the students. I will take classes from her again, and recommend her to other students."

"The tests were designed fairly, and the material that we went over was presented in a way that the class was ble to undersand. The instructor took time to make sure that the majority of the people understood what he was saying. If he missed a class and had a sub, then the day he got back he briefly went over the previous material and further explained material that needed to be clarified. I really liked this professor!"

"I really appreciated the quick replies to my e-mails."

"As an on-line student, it was very helpful to have great interactive on-line helps. Surgery videos were great as well; I learned a lot."


"The lab helped me review and cover the objective more in depth. We were allowed to teach other and this was an effective way of memorization. By explaining information to someone, you are able to better understand yourself." "Labs helped me focus better."

"The lab material covered dovetailed perfectly with the lecture. The lab instructor was very instrumental in my success in both courses. His knowledge extended well beyond basic course content, and his ability to link course objectives to real-life applications was outstanding."

"This course offered great resources to study. Streaming videos really helped."