Swenson Awards 2013

 Athletic Therapy Major
  Christian Peterson with Valerie Herzog

Athletic Training Major
  Kristi Williamson with Jenn Ostrowski

 Master of Science Athletic Training
  Adrian Eads with Valerie Herzog

 Health Promotion Major
Julia Darley with Chris Eisenbarth

 Health Promotion Minor
  Caitlin Miller with Mike Olpin

 Human Performance Management Major Denton Coleman with Molly Smith

 Physical Education Major
  Michael Wright with Geri Conlin

 Physical Education Student Teacher
  Jaron Meyer  with James Zagrodnik

Dick and Jan Motta Coaching Scholarship Chelsea Morgan
with Brian McGladrey

 Nutrition Minor
Emilee Keyes with Joan Thompson

Hirst Memorial Athletic Training Scholarship
  NIcale Yarbrough with Jenn Ostrowski

 Carol S. Westmoreland Scholarship
  Sam Rigby with Geri Conlin