Graduate Certificate

Health Services Administration Graduate Certificate

The certificate program is designed to prepare students for responsibilities in middle and upper level management in health services organizations and health systems.    

The program can be completed as a stand-alone certificate or in conjunction with the MBA program at the Goddard School of Business and Economics. 
Six credit hours may be applied as electives towards completion of the MBA.

Minimum Admission Requirements:      

  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • GPA of 2.7 on a 4.00 scale
  • Course work in: statistics, accounting & economics/financial management 

Course Schedule:

Fall Semester                                                                                                            

            1st  8 weeks:    MHA 6000- Health Systems and the Healthcare Economy (3)

         2nd 8 weeks:    MHA 6200- Health Behavior and Managerial Epidemiology  (3)

Spring Semester  

1st 8 weeks:     MHA 6300- Quality Improvement and Risk Management in Health Services  Organizations (3)

            2nd 8 weeks:    MHA 6400- Strategic Health Planning and Creative Leadership (3)

Summer Session

      June – August:    MHA 6500- Capstone Project (3)