Health Promotion Emphasis

The major purpose of professional preparation programs in health promotion is to prepare students for employment in programs that promote health and prevent disease.  The academic programs are eclectic; that is, they represent an interdisciplinary approach which combines both the health sciences and the behavioral sciences into an applied discipline.  The focus of all programs is to meet the competencies of the entry-level health educator as delineated by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing.  These skills include: needs assessment, program planning, implementaiton, evaluation and management of comprehensive programs.

Why choose Health Promotion at WSU?

More than 95% of WSU health promotion program students become credentialed and are successfully placed in a career upon graduation.

The health promotion program at WSU places students in meaningful internship opportunities that provide valuable on-the-job experience.

Many of the prerequisite courses for this degree are delivered online and through independent study.