Employment Opportunities

Health Promotion

What are the employment opportunities?

Students who complete a professional preparation program in health promotion can find employment in health agencies, public health departments, community action projects, hospitals, clinics, student health clinics, long-term care, rehabilitation, businesses, industries, consultancies, and as teachers and professors.  Many employers hire only certified health education specialists (CHES), who earn a certificate by passing a written exam after completing a health promotion program and maintain certification by earning continuing education units (CEUs).  You may elect to take the national test and become a certified health education specialist (CHES) six months prior to graduation with a BS degree or after.

What are starting salaries of graduates?

Starting salaries for health promotion graduates are $25,000 and up.  With an advanced degree and experience, graduates are hired for around $45,000 and up.  This may vary depending on the region, workplace, and skill level.