Delta Chi Nu

Delta Chi Nu Logo

President: Jamii Freston

Advisor: Dorothy Hill, WSU Women’s Advocate

Sacred Colors: Fuchsia, Turquoise, Kelly Green
Primary Colors: Tiffany Blue, Coral, Pearl White

Motto: “To promote harmony, wisdom and truth within the world and to develop friendships with our sisters”


The purpose of Delta Chi Nu is to promote harmony, which is the cooperation and togetherness of the sisters. To provide wisdom, which is the sharing of our diversity and education. To encourage truth, which relates to our high standards and honesty.

Tau Psi Beta

Tau Psi Beta

President: Katelyn Clayton - 714-658-6592

Advisor: Lisa Pederson - 801-626-6742

Colors:Ruby Red, Heather Gray, and White

Motto: “To be a home away from home for young women to shape who they will become in the future while promoting loyalty, pride, and individuality.”

Mission Statement:

To become a sisterhood of beautiful women that strive to better themselves, their community and their sisters. To live to be who they want and not what society expects them to be.

Zeta Gamma Eta

Zeta Gamma Eta

President: Sierra Inglet

Advisor: Tim Border

Colors:Royal purple and black with accents of aqua blue and lime green

Motto: “Our Sisterhood strives to offer our knowledge and skill for every woman to create balance and unity, while promoting individuality.”

Mission Statement:

We are a sisterhood of women dedicated to promoting individualism, creativity, and unity. The plethora of unique personalities that make up Zeta Gamma Eta is what sets us apart and gives us strength.