Pi Theta Xi

Pi Theta Xi

President: Joseph Freeman

Advisor: Chad Mosher

Colors: Forrest Green, Grey, & White as an auxilliary

Motto: “An undying devotion to Achievement.”

Mission Statement:

Pi Theta Xi Fraternity strives to inspire individual men to come together to achieve greatness. The Brotherhood vows to teach and exemplify bravery, humility, autonomy, and loyalty. The Brotherhood vows to act with purpose and decisiveness. As a pack we devote our lives to fuel the passions of our brothers til death.

Phi Gamma Lambda


President: Michael Stevens

Advisor: Carrie McCloud

Colors: Cobalt Blue, Silver, Black

Motto: “We make men that women want.”

Mission Statement:

It shall be the purpose of Phi Gamma Lambda to be a social fraternity and be a brotherhood that will grow in loyalty to one another and others. To grow in chivalry from group lessons, grow in physical health, and to also break the limits of what the individual believes his strengths and weaknesses are.

Psi Phi Psi

Psi Phi Psi

President: Diego Sanchez

Advisor: Anthony Lambert

Colors: Maroon, Gold, Black

Motto: “As Long as we are human let us be humane”

Mission Statement:

Psi Phi Psi seeks to create a brotherhood fosters ingenuity, service, and community involvement through a constant pursuit of knowledge and well being.