Independent Study and Distance Learning

Students may receive financial aid for Independent Study/Distance Learning courses. However. tuition waivers and scholarships cannot be used for these courses.

Students taking independent study/distance learning courses at WSU may be eligible to receive federal financial aid if they are in compliance with specific federal policies. The financial aid award can only be released after the student has completed 50 percent of the course work in each independent study/distance learning course they are taking by the end of the seventh week of the semester. Since the funds cannot be released until mid-semester, the students must pay for their courses at the time of registration.

Additionally, independent study/distance learning courses must be completed within the 15-week semester in which you register. All course work must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester in order to allow instructors sufficient time to evaluate course work and submit final grades. Failure to complete independent study/distance learning courses within the specified semester may jeopardize your eligibility for financial aid in the future.

Further, there are federal guidelines which govern the amount of independent study credit that can factor into your financial aid eligibility (such as your cost of attendance). If you intend to use financial aid for your independent study courses, it is important that you contact the WSU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at (801) 626-7569 and the WSU Independent Study Office at (801) 626-6600 for detailed instructions prior to registering for courses.