Financial Aid 101


Grants do not have to be repaid if you maintain satisfactory progress. Funds are limited. Apply by May 1 for priority consideration.


  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal SEOG-Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant


  • LEAP-(formerly State Student Incentive Grant)
  • UCOPE-Utah Centennial Opportunity Program for Education
  • TIERG-Tier Grant



Student Loans must be repaid. Weber State University participates in the following Federal Student Loan Programs:

FEDERAL PERKINS LOAN (formerly National Direct Student Loan)


  • Subsidized Stafford (DLSF)
  • Unsubsidized Stafford (DLUS)
  • Federal Parents Loan for Under-graduate Students (DLPL)
  • Federal Graduate or Professional PLUS Loans (DLGP)

Sample Loan Repayment Plan:

Based on a $5,500 loan at 6.8% interest.

Repayment Plan Terms in Months Initial Mo. Payments Total Payments
Standard 120 $63.29 $7,594.80

Click on Repayment Plans and Calculators for more repayment information.



A list of types and amounts of aid that WSU Federal Student Financial Aid is offering. You are not required to accept all aid offered.


Available funds are applied to student balances several times each week. Once tuition/fees are paid, left over financial aid funds will be paid to the student. WSU will create a check for this amount and send it to the student through the mail. As another option, students can now enroll in eRefunds where residual funds are directly deposited into the student's designated checking account.


This figure includes the total price of tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies, transportaion and personal expences for the time period of attendance indicated by the student on the WSU Application for Financial Aid. It is also know as the Student Budget. Award offers and other resources (scholarships) can never exceed the Cost of Attendance (COA).


A measure of your family's financial standing based on income, assets, family size etc., which is determined from the FAFSA information. The EFC represents the amount of money the federal government believes your family is able to contribute toward college. The amount you end up actually paying could differ from the EFC, depending on what other resources you receive.


Aid eligibility that comes from FAFSA processing. At WSU, this includes: PELL, SEOG, LEAP, UCOPE, TIERG, Federal Work study, Perkins loans, Stafford loans, PLUS loans.


This is the same as your COA, minus your EFC.

Click on Terms and Conditions of Federal Aid for additional information.


Question - Now that I have submitted my FAFSA and WSU Financial Aid applications, how can I know the status of my Financial Aid? 

Answer -The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office will notify you of your financial aid status through our on-line student portal, eWeber. Once you are in the portal, go to the STUDENT SERVICE tab, then to the FINANCIAL SERVICES links to see the OVERALL STATUS. The Financial Aid Department encourages students to become familiar with this site, checking frequently for updated information.

Question - How do I find out what my final financial aid award will be?

Answer - Notification that your award offer has been made will be sent to you through your Wildcat email account, which is also accessed through the eWeber portal.  Your award information is also displayed on-line. Log-in to eWeber, click on the STUDENT SERVICE tab, then locate the FINANCIAL SERVICES links, then select OVERALL AWARD INFO; ACCEPT & REVIEW AWARD OFFER BY AID YEAR.

Question - Will I be sent any information through the regular postal service mail?

Answer - Due to postal delays and old address information, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office no longer uses the postal service (with limited exceptions) for correspondence. All information, applications, and documents relating to financial aid can be easily accessed through the eWeber portal. Simply click on the STUDENT SERVICES tab, then the links listed in the FINANCIAL SERVICES box. We encourage you to check this site often during the financial aid award year since your account information could be updated at anytime.

Question - What is eWeber?  How do I get there?

Answer - WSU's eWeber portal is a secure single sign-in web site that allows you to access your e-mail, personal information, grades and academic standing, as well as apply for scholarships, financial aid and pay your tuition and fees.  Go to click on 'Current Students,' then log into eWeber with your Wildcat ID and password.

Question - How do I get access to the computer system?  What is my Wildcat ID?

Answer - New students must create a Wildcat ID (WCID) to register, view grades/transcripts and access many other student services. Go to to sign up for your Wildcat ID (WCID). If you encounter any problems, call Computer Services at (801)626-7777.

Question - What makes a student dependent?  Why would my parents need to provide their income information?

Answer - To see if you are considered a Dependent student, go to: and answer the questions. If a student is considered dependent, by law the parents income information is necessary. If extenuating circumstances exist (such as abuse, abandonment of the student) contact our office for additional help. A parent's unwillingness or refusal to contribute to educational costs or provide income information is not, by itself, a basis for extenuating circumstance.

Question - I probably don't qualify for aid.  Should I apply anyway?

Yes.  Many families mistakenly think they don't qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiveing financial aid by failing to apply for it. There are a few sources of aid such as unsubsidized Stafford and PLUS loans that may be an option.

Ouestion - Is it possible to receive financial aid for all three semesters during a school year? If so, how do I request summer financial aid.

Yes. It is possible for a student to receive financial aid for all three semesters. If you have received financial aid for fall and spring and would like to be considered for summer PELL grant funding, simply register for summer classs. We will be awarding PELL funding to eligible students. If you are interested in a Stafford loan for summer, print out and complete the appropriate "Student Loan Supplemental Loan" , then submit both forms together. We will begin processing these requests once summer registration is open. Both forms are also available at our office.