Scholarship and Financial Aid Petition

The Petition must be a written request. There is not a form or application.


1- The petition should include your name, W#, current mailing address and it should be typed rather than hand written.

2- The petition needs to explain what situation or event caused you to have the satisfactory progress problem that placed you in jeopardy of losing your financial aid or scholarship. If your appeal is due to circumstances beyond your control, formal documentation is required to substantiate your circumstances and must be submitted with the letter of petition. Petitions should offer factual information and not be emotionally based.


3- You must meet with an academic advisor to set up an educational plan. This plan can be from your department advisor and can be set up in CatTracks Planner along with advisor notes, or a form you receive from the advisor. The plan should include how you are going to or how you have overcome the problem.


4- Include your educational goals, such as, how many more semester hours you will need to obtain your degree, and provide a schedule of courses that will lead to that goal. You may add any information you feel has valid bearing on your case. Be factual, deal with the issues.


5- If your petition is a result of exceeding the Federal limit of attempted hours to attain a bachelors or associate degree, you must obtain a graduation evaluation from your department of study that states the courses and number of hours required to graduate. If your program of study requires more that the average number of hours, your department advisor must provide you with this information. These items must be submitted with the petition letter.


6- At the time you submit this petition you must work with an advisor to address the petition in the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Our office is located in the Student Service Center, Suite 120 and our office hours are Monday-Thursday 8:00 to 5:00, Friday 8:00 to 4:30. The mailing address is 1136 University Circle, Ogden, UT 84408 and our email address’s are or