About Scholarships

Application Deadlines

When you're admitted to Weber State University you're automatically considered for academic scholarships based on the information you provided during the application process. But you need to apply for needs-based and activity-based scholarships separately. It's important that you update your information in the student portal by the below 2015-2016 priority dates to be considered for academic scholarships. However, academic scholarships will be awarded based on grade point average and the date when the scholarship application is submitted. Since there are more students applying for scholarships than there are available funds, the earlier you apply the more competitive you will be in receiving a scholarship.

Also, be sure to apply for all other scholarships before the following dates.

New Freshmen & Re-Admitted Students   Jan 12, '15
Continuing Students   Jan 12, '15
Transfer Students   March 1, '15

These dates do not apply for students auditioning for activity waivers in the Department of Performing Arts. 

Applying for scholarships after deadline dates

If you apply after the initial scholarship deadline you're placed on an alternate list for any awarding that may become available. Generally, alternate awarding does not occur until the spring semester of the academic year.

Renewing scholarships

Scholarships are awarded on a year-to-year basis. You need to update your scholarship information annually. The only exceptions are the Presidential Scholarships, which are awarded for eight semesters.

Putting a scholarship on hold (deferment)

Once you are admitted to WSU and have accepted a scholarship, if there are extenuating circumstances, you can request to have a scholarship put on hold for you. You would need to fill out a scholarship deferment application via your student portal . Deferments can be used for medical, community service or military service purposes. Deferments for work purposes or to attend another institution will be denied.

Please visit our 'Return to Weber' website for helpful 1-2 minute videos and upon your return, please email our office with your W# to reactivate your scholarship as soon as possible but a minimum of two weeks before the beginning of the semester.  scholarship@weber.edu

Using your scholarship to pay tuition

Once you have registered, as long as you have fulfilled the requirements to accept your particular scholarship, the scholarship is automatically deducted from your total billing at the cashier’s office.

Accepting your scholarship

In some cases, after you have been awarded a scholarship, there are certain steps you need to take to accept it. For some scholarships you need to log into the student portal and accept your scholarship. For private donor-based scholarships, please write a thank you letter to the donor . Until you fulfill the necessary requirements to accept a scholarship  it will not be deducted from your tuition.

Declaring a major

If you have reached junior or senior status (60 or more semester hours by the end of fall semester) you need to declare a major to be considered for academic scholarships. Departmental scholarships are only available to you if your declared major is within the department. You can declare your major through your academic advisor or department secretary.

Receiving more than one scholarship

If you have multiple tuition waiver offers you can combine scholarships up to the value of full in-state tuition. But if the scholarship is an unrestricted scholarship, you can accept multiple offers up to the value of tuition, fees and books not to exceed 150 percent of tuition.

Applying for need-based scholarships

Many need-based scholarships go unused each year. We encourage you to apply for these types of scholarships by submitting the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov , even if you think you might not qualify.

Types of classes you can take using your scholarship

Tuition waivers do not waive tuition for distance learning, contract courses, credit/non credit courses, audit courses and most independent study or study abroad programs. Many of these are cash-only programs. Otherwise, all other programs — on-line courses, night courses, off-campus courses — are open to scholarship usage.

Scholarship petitions

If you have had problems with your scholarship and want to appeal a decision from the scholarship office, see our petitions page and follow the necessary steps.

Taxability of scholarships

The IRS states that only “qualified" expenses can be excluded from income. Qualified educational expenses generally cover tuition, fees, books and supplies or equipment required for a class. Some scholarship expenditures do not qualify and may not be excluded from a recipient’s gross income. You should check with the IRS or a qualified tax preparer before excluding any scholarship amounts from gross income.

Check out the following links for detailed information about tax benefits for education.

WSU Tax Credit Resources for Education          


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