100 Mile Nonresident Partial Tuition Reduction

Nonresident students living within 100 highway miles of WSU are eligible to apply for this scholarship. It will pay one-half of the difference between resident and nonresident tuition charges.

In order to qualify, you must:
  • Be admitted to WSU
  • Have your legal residence within approximately 100 highway miles of WSU
  • Enroll at WSU as a first-time student to the Utah System of Higher Education
  • This nonresident tuition waiver pays one-half of the difference between the resident and nonresident tuition charges. This means that the scholarship recipient must pay resident tuition plus one-half of the differentials plus fees.

  • It is available for 8 semesters (Fall and Spring semesters only). Summer semester does not count as part of the 8 semester limit.

  • Nonresident students pay only resident tuition if they attend summer semester.

  • Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time (12-18 credits).

  • Eligibility for Nonresident Partial Tuition Scholarship shall be determined on the basis of program availability at Weber State University and on a competitive basis, using grade point averages and/or results of test scores.

  • Students must remain in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average).

  • Annually submitting the WSU scholarship application via the eWeber portal by checking 'YES' on the 'Nonresidential 100 Mile Scholarship' option will notify the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office at Weber State University of your of your intention to continue enrollment.