Departmental Honors

In conjunction with the Honors Program, the Department of Foreign Languages offers a Departmental Honors Program.  This is an enriched major program that provides greater scope for intellectual initiative and independent work.  It can be particularly beneficial for students contemplating graduate work by enhancing their credentials and also by exposing them to the type of study normally done at the graduate level.  Students completing Departmental Honors in Foreign Languages, like other language majors, must complete 30.5 upper-division credit hours in the language and all other requirements for their major in addition to the requirements listed here.  A Departmental Honors candidate will have completed at least 36.5 credit hours for the major.

Honors Requirements: 

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.5 in all major classes and an overall GPA of 3.0.
  • Complete at least 6 credit hours of French, German or Spanish on an Honors basis; this may be done in any upper-division course and is part of the 30.5 credit hour major requirement.  A written agreement should be reached with the appropriate professor regarding expectations when taking a class as Honors.
  • Complete 3 credit hours of General Honors courses.
  • Complete HNRS 4990: Senior Project (3)—the advisor for this project must be an instructor in Foreign Languages.  The project should be shared with other students in a public forum such as the Undergraduate Literature Conference, as undergraduate research or at the department scholarship reception held each spring.
Students who have not completed their General Education requirements are encouraged to take Honors General Education classes.

Benefits of Departmental Honors:

  • "Departmental Honors" is designated on the official transcript.
  • "Departmental Honors" is printed on the diploma.
  • Students receive a personalized letter signed by the President of Weber State University and the Honors Director.
  • Students are invited to Honors educational and social events, including the Nye-Cortez banquet at the end of the academic year.
How to apply for Departmental Honors:
  • Complete the application for Departmental Honors and submit it to the Honors Program (second floor of the Stewart Library).
  • Meet the requirements listed above.
  • Meet with Marilyn Diamond, the Honors advisor, to be cleared for graduation with Departmental Honors (626-7336;
For more information, contact:

Dr. Craig Bergeson, Foreign Language Dept. Chair  (626-7111)
Dr. Judy Elsley, Honors Director  (626-6186)