First Year Experience

The First Year Experience (FYE) Program is designed to help incoming students make a successful transition into the university community. Any WSU student with 30 hours or fewer is welcome to participate in the program, which assists you in making progress toward fulfilling the following educational and personal goals:

  • Acquiring a sense of competence as a student and becoming successful in college.
  • Mastering academic skills, such as note taking, textbook reading, test-taking, and time management.
  • Developing effective interpersonal skills with a variety of people.
  • Engaging with the WSU community through connections with other students, teachers, mentors and WSU employees.
  • Enhancing your mental, physical, spiritual, and social health.

To help you achieve these goals, the FYE Program offers the following courses and components:

UNIV 1105 “Foundations of College Success” (3)

This course prepares students to work efficiently in the university environment. Topics include improving study and time management skills, developing interpersonal communications, making major/career selections, and understanding student responsibilities.

UNIV 3170 “First-Year Experience (FYE) Mentor Leadership Seminar” (2)

This course teaches FYE Peer Mentors to effectively assist students registered for UNIV 1105. Peer Mentors learn to work with FYE students to help them transition to the university environment, to connect them with campus resources, and to provide them with social opportunities both inside and outside class.

Clustered-Course Learning Communities

A group of students registers for the same two or three courses that help satisfy general education and elective graduation requirements. UNIV 1105 is one of these cluster courses. You may also take additional classes, outside the cluster, to reach full-time status.

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