Creative Writing Emphasis Program

The Department of English provides an Emphasis in Creative Writing to be added to the Bachelor’s Degree. This requires the completion of 18 units--a total of 6 courses—within the English Major. Courses develop skills in the writing of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced workshops address writing through instructor-led peer discussion. Students should begin work by the beginning of their third year, or earlier if possible, after having declared the English Major, with an emphasis in Creative Writing (please see the English Department Chair, or the English Department adviser).

In addition to completing the required courses for the program, students completing the Emphasis in Creative Writing must produce a Creative Writing Portfolio--a collection of their original fiction, non-fiction, and poetry written inside and outside creative writing classes during their time at Weber State University. No later than the beginning of a students’ third year, students should meet with the Director of Creative Writing. The Creative Writing Program Director will assign a faculty mentor for students to work with during their tenure in the program. To be cleared for graduation with the Creative Writing Emphasis Program endorsement, students must complete all the requirements for the portfolio and submit it to their faculty mentor three weeks prior to graduation.

Guidelines for Portfolio Completion     



Creative Writing Courses: (English Majors must take a total of 39 credit hours, of which 36 must be Upper Division [3000-4000] classes.)

•  The Creative Writing Program Reading Series invites student poets and fiction writers to read each semester. Readings are held in Elizabeth Hall 229 (auditorium).  

•  Metaphor  is an annual interdisciplinary journal created entirely by undergraduate students which publishes art, fiction, non-fiction and academic papers, poetry, music, dance, theater, and other artistic media.  The staff is volunteer, the published submissions are all original, and the journal is paid for by student fees.  Metaphor is distributed not only to the student body, but also to alumni, community members, and to participants of the National Undergraduate Literature Conference. Students published in the issue are invited to read at an open-mike hosted during the National Undergraduate Literature Conference. Students wishing to

•  Purple Ink is the student-led writing club of the Creative Writing Program. The club hosts open-mike readings throughout each semester.

•  English Department Writing Contests:

•  Academic Funding for Creative Writing Students

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