Distance Learning - Restarted Fall 2014

Paramedic Training Offered at Rural Sites

WSU's Department of Emergency Care & Rescue is helping western states train paramedics in rural areas, with a program that uses state-of-the-art interactive video technology to educate students in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Washington. We offer this four semester class every "even" year, i.e. 2014, 2016, 2018, etc.

Training responders in rural areas is critical because the need for paramedics is most acute in those places where medical assistance isn't just around the corner. The video technology allows a professor teaching a class at the Ogden campus to interact with 15-20 additional students in these remote areas.The program is NOT intended nor designed for "single student" or at "home / work"  delivery.

A "distance education" site usually consists of 3-5 co-located students outside of Weber and Davis Counties. Students are expected to "collect" at a designated learning site for each interactive video lecture. Starting in 2014, skills will be done in a Friday-Saturday "skills weekend" model model at the Ogden, Utah campus. Projected skills weekends for for the 2014 start include: 

  • Session #1 is November 7-8, 2014
  • Session #2 is November 21-22, 2014
  • Session #3 is December 11-12, 2014
  • Session #4 is January 23-24, 2015
  • Session #5 is February 27-28, 2015
  • Session #6 is March 27-28, 2015
  • Session #7 is April 24-25, 2015
  • Session #8 is May 29-30, 2015
  • Session #9 is June 17-20 (housing available)
    • Tuesday          - 1800 normal class lecture
    • Wednesday    - Lecture AM / Skill lab PM
    • Thursday         - Trauma and NRP prep skill lab
    • Friday              - Mock National Registry
    • Saturday          - NRP Skills Exam

We plan the Friday skill lab to be 1000 - 1700 and the Saturday skill lab to be 0800-1500 to facilitate longer distance drivers. Students in Weber and Davis Counties are expected to attend the evening "face-to face" class session on the Ogden Campus.

Class is held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 1800-2200.  The 16 month, (4 semester) program starts each "even year" fall semester and is subject to minimum student enrollment requirements. Class attendance is mandatory as this program is not provided in an "asynchronous" or "TIVO" format.

More details about the department's distance learning program, including site selection, cost, time commitments and student prerequisites, can be found here: Program Details

    • EMT or Advanced EMT certification
    • Documented MATH 0960 competency
    • Documented 2 credits in Medical Terminology
    • Documented 3 credits in English 1010
    • Documented 8 credits of "matched set" Anatomy and Physiology
    • Minimum GPA of 2.7 with a "C" grade or better in all prerequisites


Robbyn Dunn, Department Secretary

Jeff Grunow, Paramedic Program Director

(801) 626-6521

Mailing address
Department of Emergency Care & Rescue
Weber State University
3902 University Circle
Ogden UT, 84408-3902