Applications & Checklists


  • Complete four years of high school or its equivalent.
  • Complete one year of prerequisite courses (see list below).
  • Submit all college transcripts.
  • Submit the dental hygiene application form and attachments.
  • Include the $25.00 non-refundable application fee.
  • Apply to and be accepted as a student in good standing by Weber State University.

Please be advised that the following applications WILL NOT BE REVIEWED:

  • Applications that are not complete by February 1
  • Applications that have prerequisite GPAs below 2.5
  • Applications that do not contain final grades on at least two of the specifically required basic sciences and final grades for at least four additional prerequisite courses (six courses total)

Application Materials

You can download PDF files of application forms here (Acrobat reader required). These forms also are available from the Office of Admissions Advisement; contact information is listed on our Advising page.



Prerequisite Courses and Other Requirements
These courses must be taken before you begin the Dental Hygiene Program.




Human Biomedical Core series (Hlthsci 1110, 1111)

*Three more credit hours of Physical Science are needed.






Note: the basic science prerequisite courses listed above must have been taken within five years of the date of anticipated enrollment in the dental hygiene program.



Pathophysiology (HlthSci 2230)   3
College Writing (Eng 1010, 2010)   6
Intro to Psychology (SS 1010)   3
Principles of Sociology (SS 1010)   3
Public Speaking (HU 1020)   3
Foundations in Nutrition (LS 1020)   3
Quantitative Literacy (Math 1010)   3
Computer Literacy   2

Total Prerequisite Credits:         34-40    

Additional Requirements

In order to earn an AS Degree the student must also complete other General Education Requirements. These include:

  1. American Institutions Requirement.
  2. Six more hours* of Humanities/Creative Arts -- at least three of these hours must be Creative Arts.
    *Each course must be from a different program (have a different course abbreviation), with the exception of Honors courses. The Public Speaking prerequisite (three credit hours) is in the Humanities course program.
  3. See note above regarding the Biomedical Core. Use of the Core to fulfill the science prerequisites for the Dental Hygiene Program will require five more approved credit hours in the Life and Physical Sciences to be completed to fulfill General Education Requirements.
  4. These additional General Education requirements may be taken prior to beginning the Dental Hygiene Program or during the Program.
  5. Current CPR Certification throughout Program.


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